Aam panna recipe – How to make aam panna recipe with roasted mangoes

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aam panna recipe with details here

aam panna is a cooling traditional summer drink in most parts of india.

there are two ways aam panna is made. one method is through cooking unripe mangoes in a pan or pressure cooker. the second method is with roasting mangoes, which is shown in this video.

usually mangoes are roasted on hot charcoal. they can also be
roasted on a fire stove. roasting mangoes on fire does impart a smoky flavor in the aam panna. the taste of aam panna made with roasted mangoes is different than that of aam panna made with cooked mangoes.

the video shows both preparing aam panna concentrate and then preparing aam panna drink. prepare the aam panna concentrate and then store in a clean small jar or a small bowl. do cover tightly and store. aam panna concentrate stays well for about a week.

sugar in the recipe acts as a natural preservative. its also used as a sweetener. apart from sugar, you can also jaggery.

aam panna is usually made with tart unripe mangoes. but you can also use semi ripe mangoes.

for aam panna, the sugar is added twice of the mango pulp. i had got slightly more than ½ cup of mango pulp. hence i added 1 cup sugar. depending on the type and quality of mangoes, the amount of pulp will vary. so do measure the pulp before you add sugar. so if you get lets say, 1 cup mango pulp, then add 2 cups sugar or jaggery.

enjoy this cooling aam panna drink during summers.



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