Additional Home Remedies for Alcoholism

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Alcoholism is a psychological condition. Addiction to alcohol can affect one’s life negatively and it can even be life threatening. Watch how you can get rid of alcoholism using natural ingredients available in your kitchen! Click here to subscribe –

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Alcoholism is a state of mind characterized by increasing dependency on alcohol


• Liver cirrhosis
• Pancreatitis
• Epilepsy
• Heart diseases

Natural home remedy using dates:

Benefits of dates:

• Source of Vitamin B Thiamine
• Reduces alcohol intoxication
• Protects from nerve damage
• Helps recover from hangovers

1. Consume 4-5 dates , followed by half a glass of water
2. Do this twice a day

Natural home remedy using Celery Juice:

Benefits of celery:

• Source of Vitamin B Thiamine
• Helps in liver recovery
• Regulates blood pressure
• Curbs craving

1. Take ½ a glass of fresh celery juice
2. Add ½ a glass of water to this

Consume this twice daily

Natural home remedy using buttermilk & bitter gourd:

Benefits of bitter gourd

• Helps in liver recovery
• Curbs craving

1. Take 1 glass of buttermilk
2. Add 3 tsp of bitter gourd juice in it
3. Mix it well

Consume this on empty stomach
You may even consume the bitter gourd juice directly without adding it to buttermilk


• Consume complex carbohydrates
• Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables




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