Aloo matar recipe – Punjabi aloo matar recipe – Peas potato curry

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aloo matar is one of those gravy recipes from punjabi cuisine which is easy to prepare and tastes delicious too. in hindi language ‘aloo’ translates to potato and ‘matar’ means peas.

the punjabi aloo matar recipe shown in the video is a homely version and tastes good with rotis and rice.

malai or cream is added to give some smoothness in the peas potato curry as well as to balance the tang of tomatoes. but adding cream is optional.

do use ripe tomatoes for the gravy and ones which are not too tangy or sour. if the aloo matar gravy becomes too tangy, then add some cream or a bit of sugar to balance the tanginess.

the consistency of the gravy can be made slightly thick or thin as per your requirements. if serving with rice, then the gravy can be medium or thin. if serving with rotis or parathas, then you can keep the gravy slightly thick.

you can also prepare aloo matar gravy in pressure cooker. just add less water and pressure cook for 2 whistles.

enjoy this homestyle aloo matar curry with rotis, chapatis, steamed rice or jeera rice.



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