Butterscotch Orange Pudding Recipe

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Butterscotch Orange Pudding

Recipe Ingredients
Grated Chocolate
Biscuit powdered
Condolence milk
Egg White
Egg Yolk
Corn flour
Gelatin syrup
Vanilla essence
Grated orange peel
Orange flakes

1. Melt the butter in a pan. Add the powdered biscuits into it and mix well. Set it into a serving glass. Set aside in a refrigerate.
2. Mix the egg yolk,cornflour,condensed milk and milk in a pan and heat it until it became as thick consistency.
3. Add gelatin into it and mix well
4. Set aside it for cool
5. Beat the egg white until it becomes fluffy.
6. Add orange peel,vanilla essence,and egg white into the mixture and just mix it.
7. Take the base from the refrigerator and cover the top with orange flakes.
8. Pour the custard over the flakes
9. Cover the chocolate over the custard and set it again in refrigerator
10. Heat a pan and put some sugar. When it turns brown add butter into it. Add a little hot water and cream.
11. Take the custard from the fridge and drizzle the butterscotch sauce over it. Serve it cool.


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