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Learn to make yummy and delicious chicken burger with bacon jam with chef Nick Saraf only on Get Curried.

Make yummy and mouth watering grilled chicken burger with sweet, salty, smoky and spicy bacon jam. It is a delight for you foodies. So watch and learn how to make chicken burger with bacon jam with chef Nick Saraf only on Get Curried.


– 1/2 kilo minced chicken
– 4-5 spoon of mayonnaise
– 1 or 1/2 tsp of maple syrup
– 4-5 Shallots/Onions
– garlic powder
– paprika
– chopped herbs
– salt
– crushed black pepper
– Bread crumbs

Bacon Jam
– Oil
– Bacon
– Chopped Garlic
– Chopped Shallots/Onions
– Paprika
– Mustard
– Maple Syrup
– Ketchup
– Ground Sugar
– Bourbon
– Vinegar
– Salt & Pepper


For making Patties
– Marinate together minced chicken with mayonnaise, maple syrup, onions and mix it well
– Add garlic powder, paprika,chopped herbs,salt,crushed black pepper and breadcrumbs and mix everything well.
– In a silicone mat place the marinated chicken
– Oil your hands and form round flat burger patties.
– Oil a pan and place the patties on it and oil it properly cook it for 3-4 minutes on each sides.
– After its cooked well place it on absorbent paper

For making bacon jam
– Rub a pan with oil and put it on medium to low flame, once warm add bacon and cook it well then take it off on absorbent paper
– In the same pan add garlic, onion and oil, once cooked properly add the bacon again
– Add paprika, mustard and mix it properly, then add maple syrup, ketchup, ground sugar and give it a good mix.
– Keep it on low flame
– Add some bourbon,malt vinegar and salt & pepper
– Once the mixture reduces and bacon comes together, turn off the flame and blend it a little.
-Bacon jam is done

Final Steps
– Take the buns and toast them, place the lettuce and tomato slices over it
– After which place chicken patties and top it up with bacon jam
– And the burger is ready to be served!


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