Easiest Deviled Eggs – Stuffed Eggs Recipe – Best Party Starter

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Easiest Deviled Eggs – Stuffed Eggs Recipe – Best Party Starter

Learn how to make Devilled Eggs, a crowd-pleasy, classic egg recipe by chef Shantanu.

Chef Shantanu Gupte brings you the recipe of an egg with a twist. It’s called deviled eggs or eggs mimosa which are hard-boiled eggs, shelled, cut in half, filled with the egg’s yolk mixed with other ingredients. This classic egg recipe is a crowd-pleasing party snack and it is a perfect start to a casual party.


3 eggs
1 tbsp mayonnaise
salt and pepper to taste
2-3 tsp paprika
1 tbsp mustard
4-5 chopped olives
basil leaves – chopped
1 tbsp butter


– Hard boil the eggs for about 11-12 minutes.
– Slice the eggs exactly in the middle and make 2 parts.
– In a bowl, take off the yolk from all the eggs and add mayonnaise, salt, paprika, mustard, pepper, chopped olives, freshly chopped basil and the butter to it and mix all the ingredients well.
– Again, add little paprika to the above yolk mixture and mix well.
– Using 2 equal small sized spoons, make quenelles out of the mixture.
– Place these quenelles in the white part of the eggs.
– The deviled eggs are ready to be served.



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