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Bored with the usual omelet and boiled eggs? Try this unique and interesting recipe ‘Kalaki’. Kalaki is a famous egg special in Tamil Nadu. It is very simple yet amazingly tasty recipe. Kalaki involves a few techniques that you need to follow to get the right texture, in this recipe, I am going to guide you to get the perfect kalaki that you will love.


Egg – 2 nos
Pinch of Chili powder

Karandi Omelette recipe:
Vermicelli Egg Pulao recipe:

1. Beat two eggs in a bowl
2. Season it with salt, pepper and chili powder
3. Heat a pan and add some oil
4. Make sure the pan is very hot and add the eggs
5. As soon as you pour the eggs, start folding the edges inwards
6. You have to be quick to ensure that the inside stays soft and not fully cooked
7. Fold it from all the sides and when the eggs come to a single form, transfer them immediately.
8. Your ‘Kalaki’ is ready to be served.
9. ‘Kalaki’ can be had as it is or can be had as a side to any dish.

You can skip the chili powder if you prefer less spiciness.
Do not let the eggs sit in the pan for too long as that may overcook them.



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