Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe

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Learn how to make Flourless Chocolate Cake at home only on Get Curried.

Flourless Chocolate Cake is a type of cake made from an aerated chocolate custard. It is considered a restaurant-style dessert, flourless chocolate cake is also popular for gluten-free diets.So watch and learn how to make Flourless Chocolate Cake at home only on Get Curried.

300g dark chocolate
150g butter
5 eggs
50g caster sugar
150g grounded almond

-In a saucepan heat some water and keep a glass bowl over it
-Place butter and dark chocolate and let the ingredients start melting
-Add egg yolks and castor sugar and whisk it
-Whisk the egg whites
-Add the melted chocolate and butter into the whisked egg yolk and -mix properly
-Add the whisked egg whites
-Add almond powder into the mix it properly
-Add the mixture into the greased tin
-Place the tin into pre heated oven at 230 degrees Celsius
-Keep the cake in oven for 25 minutes
-Insert the skewer and check if it’s done
-Cake is ready to be served



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