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First thing to do in the morning for energy and glowing skin is to drink lemon and honey mixed with warm water. Having this drink on an empty stomach is also the best to enhance weight loss. Not only is this drink good for weight loss and acne free skin but there are lots of other benefits such as: it detoxifies the body, increases immunity, relieves constipation etc.
Regular intake of this drink makes you fit, healthy and beautiful.

First things first, let’s get to making the mixture.

1) Fill a tall glass of warm water
2) Add half a lemon
3) A tablespoon of honey
4) Stir it up
(Drink the mixture immediately after preparing it, DO NOT REHEAT THE MIXTURE)

Here’s how the drink can help you:

1) Better Digestion

2) Gives you a boost of energy in the morning

3) Helps clear out your skin. Its cleansing action helps in purifying your blood and has collagen boosting properties.

4) Hastens the process of weight loss

5) Prevents and reduces bloating

6) Increases your metabolism

I haven’t mentioned this in the video, this drink has also helped improve my hair texture and shine.

Tip: Drink this first thing in the morning and keep an hour gap between this drink and your breakfast.

-Karishma Damani (Beauty Editor, Glamrs)



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