Laundry Routine -10 Easy Laundry Tips

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Laundry Routine: -10 Easy Laundry Tips
This video is on Laundry routine. Doing laundry is definitely not everyone’s favourite task. Some of us keep adding piles and piles of clothes till they start overflowing from the laundry hamper or we run out of clothes. In this video, I have shared ten simple laundry tips to make this tedious job more smoother and easier. Also, I have shared few clothes washing tips to keep your clothes protected to last longer.
Hope you enjoy the video!
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Products used in this video
Sliding trolley rack-
Paffy clothes drying rack-
Paffy ironing board-
Mesh bags (best quality)-
Lingerie washing round mesh bag-
White distilled vinegar-
Laundry basket-
Storage basket-
Lavender essential oil-
Pigeon baby clothes washing liquid-
Rustic art baby clothes washing powder-
Surf excel washing liquid-
Comfort fabric softener-
Washing machine drum cleaner-
Samsung washing machine-
Siemens clothes dyer-
IFB clothes dryer-



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