LIVING ON £1 A DAY AS A VEGAN – Live Below the Line pt.1 intro – Cheap Lazy Vegan

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In this video, I’m giving you an introduction to my Live Below the Line Challenge, where I lived on only £1 a day for five days, which means I only had £5 to spend in five days. Please note that this is only for food & drink, since it wouldn’t be possible for me to actually live on £1 a day if we factor in housing, transportation, bills, etc… which obviously indicates how lucky I am.


This challenge is not necessarily just for fun or entertainment, but to raise awareness for poverty and world hunger – something that I was fortunate enough never to have to endure in my life. I’ve always been very lucky and privileged and I’ve never truly been “hungry”. I’m not going to pretend that this is something I think about regularly or something that I know much about. But I think this is something that many of us in privileged positions should be aware of.

Like mentioned in the video, the Live Below the Line challenge is usually a charity fundraiser to raise money for world hunger, but because they are not running this year, I’ve decided to leave some information and links to some websites below. If you have a minute, please read up on some of the facts about world hunger, malnutrition and poverty – and if you are able to do so, feel free to donate some of your money to the cause.



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