Matcha Layered Cheesecake

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Here is what you’ll need!

Matcha Layered Cheesecake
Servings 8

Biscuit 140 g
Melted butter 80g
Milk 2 tbsp
Gelatin 15 g
Water 2 tbsp
Cream cheese 400 g
Sugar 120g
Yogurt 400 g
Heavy cream 400ml
Green tea 2 tbsp
Hot water 2 tbsp

1. Put the biscuit in a ziplock bag and crush it finely. Put it in a bowl, add melted butter and milk and mix.
2. Place mixture in a 20 cm spring-loaded mold and make shape with holding it firmly with your fingers. Put it in a refrigerator and cool it (about 30 minutes).
3. Place gelatin in a heat-resistant small dish, add water and let it set.
4. Add sugar to the cream cheese and mix well. Put yogurt and Heavy cream and mix well.
5. Heat gelatin for about 30 seconds in a 600 W microwave oven and mix thoroughly every fifteen seconds. When the gelatin becomes liquid, filter it into mixture and mix well.
6. Divide mixture into two equal parts, add Matcha melted with hot water to one side, and mix well.
7. Pour half the amount of white filling into the bottom of the mold, put in a freezer for 15 minutes and solidify.
8. Pour half of the filling containing the matcha into the mold and cool for 15 minutes.
9. Repeat this until the remaining filling gets set up
10. Cool in a refrigerator for about 3 hours.
11. Remove the cake from the mold, put it on the dish, sprinkle the tea strainer on the surface and sprinkle matcha.
12. Enjoy!



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