Natural Face Mask using Avocado and Green Tea

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Natural face mask acts as an excellent moisturizer, removes dead skin and even promotes cell growth. Watch how you can make a ♥face mask♥ using natural ingredients available in your kitchen! Click here to subscribe : Check other awesome ♥♥♥ ORGANIC MAKEUP ♥♥♥ videos:

Avocado Tea Mask

Benefits of green tea & avocado:

• Green tea is rich in antioxidants
• Avocado acts as an excellent moisturizer
• Reduce aging
• Promote cell growth
• Remove dead skin
• Good sunscreen

Avocado tea mask with yogurt:

1. Add 2tbsp of a mashed avocado in a bowl
2. Brew green tea in boiling hot water for 15 minutes.
3. Now add a teaspoon of it to the mashed avocado.
4. Finally add 1tsp yogurt
5. Apply it on the face & leave it for 15 min
6. Rinse it with lukewarm water
7. You can apply this tea mask once a week

We can add raw organic cacao powder to increase the potency of an avocado tea mask. Cocoa is packed with antioxidants that help repair skin cells & neutralize harmful free radicals.

So let’s start :

1. Mash one avocado and place it in a bowl
2. Then add 3tbsp of raw cocao powder to it
3. Also add 2 dessert spoons of raw organic honey
4. And add 2tbsp of oatmeal flakes
5. Mix all these ingredients thoroughly
6. Heat a cup of water
7. Infuse green tea in the hot water for 15 mins
8. Let it cool down
9. Now add a pinch of the green tea into the mixture to make it
into a fine paste
10. Gently massage it on the face
11. Let it settle for 20 minutes
12. Now rinse it off with cold water

• For best results you can use this mask twice s a week


• Apply the mask carefully on the face making sure that it does
not enter the eyes.
• Always wash your face with cold water after applying the mask.
Warm water can irritate the skin.
• Drink plenty of liquids to keep your skin hydrated.



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