Natural Home Remedies for Shiny White Teeth

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Teeth become yellow over time due to smoking, excessive consumption of tea or coffee and neglecting oral hygiene. . The condition can affect one’s self esteem and confidence. Watch how you can treat shiny white teeth using natural ingredients available in your kitchen!
Whitening of Teeth:

• Teeth become yellow over time
• The condition can affect one’s self esteem and confidence


• Consuming tea or coffee
• Excessive smoking
• Neglecting oral hygiene
• Ageing

Natural home remedy using basil leaves and orange peels:

1. Take 6-7 crushed basil leaves
2. Add 2 tsp of dried orange peel powder
3. Mix well and make a paste
4. Apply on teeth
5. Leave it for 15 min
6. Wash off with water

Natural home remedy using baking soda:

1. Mix baking soda with water to make paste
2. Apply this paste on the teeth
3. Leave it for 3 min
4. Gargle with water
5. Do this every night at bedtime

Natural home remedy using strawberries:

1. Crush a few strawberries to make paste
2. Apply this paste on your teeth

Natural home remedy using lemon juice:

1. Remove some lemon juice
2. Apply this juice on your teeth


• Always rinse teeth after drinking tea or coffee


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