Oreo Monster Sundae – Sweet and Crunchy Dessert Recipe – Today’s Special With Shantanu

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Learn how to make Oreo Monster Sundae which is an absolute delight for all the chocolate lovers.

When our sweet tooth screams for chocolate, nothing but chocolate can satisfy it.
For all you fervent chocoholics, here’s the recipe of a crunchy Oreo dunked in creamy chocolaty meltdown mixed with vanilla ice-cream, strawberry crush, chocolate sponge and lots more.
Chef Shantanu is up with delicious, mouth-watering Oreo Dessert recipe which is surely going to make you drool.

Ingredients (As per taste):
Oreo biscuits
Hazel nut chocolates
Kit-Kat chocolate
Munch chocolate bar
Vanilla ice-cream
Sugar dragees
Chocolate sauce
Oreo sticks
Strawberry crush
Chocolate chips

– Add some Oreo cookies and chocolates in a bowl and crush them nicely with your hands.
– Add a generous chunk of vanilla ice-cream to the crushed mixture and blend it.
– Take a sundae glass and apply some chocolate sauce all around the glass.
– Add bits of chocolate sponge into the glass to form a base along with some chocolate sauce drizzled over.
– Put the Oreo and ice-cream mix into the sundae glass.
– Add some crumbled Oreo cookies, some sugar dragees, chocolate sauce, some Oreo sticks (chocolate cigars), strawberry crush and chocolate chips on the top along with an Oreo biscuit.



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