Poached Eggs – Hash Browns – Quick Breakfast Recipe

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Learn how to make Poached Eggs With Hash Browns at home, that makes a filling and delectable breakfast.

Preparing good and tasty breakfast is one question that crosses our mind every morning. So to bring a variety to our regular breakfast, Chef Shantanu Gupte brings you a delectable breakfast recipe.


Poached eggs with hash browns
1 pot water (for poaching)
2 eggs
brown bread
1 lemon
par boiled potatoes ( 4- 5) grated.
Salt to taste
pepper to taste
butter 3 tbsp


To make the hash browns:
– Heat the deep pan on a low flame.
– Squeeze in the lemon juice.
– Grate the par boiled potatoes on a dish and spread it.
– Add salt and pepper to the potatoes and lightly run a fork through it.
– Add a dollop of butter to the pan and let it melt.
– Once it melts slightly, add the butter to the grated potatoes.
– Drizzle oil on the chopping board and spread it.
– Place a spherical mould or ring on the board and add the grated potato into the ring. Press it lightly using a spoon and then take off the mould.
– Heat butter in the pan and add the potato hash.
– Add oil to the pan and let the potatoes cook on a low heat.
– Flip the potatoes once they turn crisp and brown.
– The hash browns are ready to be plated.

To make the poached eggs:
– Once the bubbles start forming in the water, add salt to it.
– Add the egg and let them poach for about 3-4 minutes.
– Take a brown bread and cut out a piece using the same mould.
– Add it to the pan and let it crisp up.
– Once the egg starts coming to the surface of the water, take it out.
– Add salt and pepper to the eggs.
– Plate them on the crisped up bread.
– Serve with the hash browns and roasted tomato.


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