Puran poli recipe – Bobbatu or bobbatlu recipe – Obbattu or holige recipe

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puran poli or bobbatlu or holige detailed recipe with step

puran poli is one of the sweets that is made during festivals like gudi padwa, ugadi and even ganesh chaturthi. in telugu language, puran polis are known as bobbatlu or bobbatu. in kannada language, they are called holige or obbattu.

basically these are flat breads made with unleavened dough. the stuffing is made with chana dal (bengal gram) and jaggery or sugar. the dough is made with either whole wheat flour (atta) or all purpose flour (maida).

this puran poli recipe video has the dough made with half-half of whole wheat flour and all purpose flour. in the stuffing jaggery is used instead of sugar.

this recipe gives you one of the best puran polis.

a few tips and suggestions:
– the dough has to be smooth, soft and elastic.
– cook the chana dal very well and then grind them very well. there should be no specks of chana dal visible in the ground mixture. if there are, then the polis break while stuffing.
– instead of jaggery, you can use sugar.
– use oil instead of ghee for a dairy free version.
– do not roast the puran polis or make them too browned. they harden up.
– while rolling, rice flour is used as it helps to roll the polis evenly and thin without breaking them. though you can also use all purpose flour instead of rice flour.
– instead of chana dal, you can also use tuvar dal (also known as pigeon pea lentils) for the stuffing.



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