Semolina modak recipe – How to make rava modak – Sooji modak recipe

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semolina or rava modak recipe: modaks (sweet dumplings) made with semolina or sooji/rava and stuffed with coconut-jaggery filling. full rava modak recipe with step by step pics at:

2 cups semolina/suji/fine rava
2 cups grated coconut
1.5 cup powdered jaggery or add as required
2.5 cups water
4 or 5 cardamoms, crushed or powdered
2 tsp oil or ghee
salt as required

mix the powdered jaggery with the coconut in a pan or kadai.
keep the pan or kadai on a low flame.
stir the mixture.
the jaggery would start melting at first.
later it will continue to cook.
cook this filling mixture till the jaggery starts thickening.
it should appear dry.
don’t over cook as then mixture would become dense and hard.
keep aside for cooling the filling.
as the filling cools it will thicken.
take water in a sauce pan or any pan.
sprinkle some oil and salt in it.
bring the water to a rolling boil.
add the semolina or rava to the hot water.
stir with a wooden spatula or spoon till all the semolina has been incorporated in the water.
mix really well.
keep this pan on low fire for 5-6 minutes.
continuously stir so that the rava does not stick & get burnt.
after five minutes switch off the flame.
taste a pinch of the dough. (only if you are making this for your family)
if the semolina feels undercooked, then cook for a few more minutes.
cover the pan for 5-6 minutes.
the dough would be still hot when the kneading has to be done.
if you cannot manage the heat, then let it cool for a few minutes more.
knead well and make a smooth dough.
when kneading apply some oil on your palms.
there should be no lumps in the dough after kneading.
now take a lemon sized ball from the dough.
flatten the dough ball on the palm of your hands or with your fingers.
place a few spoonsfuls of the coconut-jaggery filling in the center.
pinch the edges and bring the fluted edges in the center.
join the center and pinch off the top.
taper the top.
make the modaks in a similar way.
these modaks are done now and you don’t need to steam them further.
serve the semolina modak to lord ganesha.

if the outer semolina cover tastes a slight under cooked even after making the modaks, then just microwave the prepared modaks for a minute or so till they are cooked.



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