Thani Nadan – Beef pickle recipe – Mazhavil Manorama

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Recie no 1
Beef pickle
1. beef- 1kg (sliced)
2. chilli powder- 11/2spn
3. garamasala powder- 1spn
4. turmeric powder- 1/2spn
5. mustard- 3spn
6. oil- 200gm
7. galic- 2tbs
8. ginger- 11/2tbs
9. greenchillies- 1tbs
10. curry leaves- 3spring
11. kashmiri chilly powder- 8spn
12. methi powder- 1spn
13. asafoetida powder- 1spn
14. vineger- 1/2cup
15. salt- to taste
1. mix well the beef with chilly powder, garamasala powder and turmeric powder
2. heat oil in a pan and fry the beef and leave it
3. crackle the mustard in same oil and add the garlic, ginger, greenchillies and curry leaves and saute well
4. add kashmiri chilly powder, crushed mustard, methi powder and asafoetida powder and saute well
5. add beef to it and mix well and pour some vineger and salt and mix well then the beef pickle is ready to serve
Recipe no 2
Chemmin palu pizhinjathu
1. prawn- 1kg
2. malabae tamarind- 3pieces
3. turmerric powder- 1spn
4. coriender powder- 3spn
5. chilly powder- 2spn
6. garlic- 1tbs
7. ginger- 1tbs
8. greenchillies- 5nos
9. curry leaves- 3spring
10. prawn- 1kg
11. coconut- 1nos(for takeing coconut milk)
12. coconut pieces- 2tbs
13. cournflour- 1tbs
14. mustard- 1spn
15. dry redchillies- 3nos
16. shallots- 1tbs
17. oil- 2tbs
18. salt- to taste
1. take an earthenware pot and mix the prawn with turmeric powder, malabar tamarind and salt
2. heat oil in a pan add garlic, ginger, greenchillies and curry leaves and saute well
3. add coriender powder and chilly powder and mix well and add this gravy to the prawn mix and also pour some coconut milk (2nd part of coconut milk) and mix well
4. add the coconut pieces to it and mix well and close the pan for 5 minutes
5. open the pan and pour the 2nd part of the coconut milk. When boil the gravy add some 1st part of coconut milk
6. take a ball and mix the cournflour powder with 1st part of coconut milk and add it to the prawn curry
7. heat oil in a pan crackle mustard and add the dry red chillies, shallots and curry leaves and saute well and put it to the prawn curry, then the chemmin pal pizhinjathu is ready to serve



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