Thani Nadan – Chena theeyal – Yam Recipe

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Chena theeyal(yam)
1. yam- 500gm
2. turmeric powder- 1spn
3. tamarind essence- 1cup
4. oil- 2tbs
5. salt- to taste
6. coconut- 1nos
7. coriender- 1tbs
8. curry leaves- 3spring
9. mustard- 1spn
10. dry redchillies- 10nos
1. coock the yam with turmeric powder and salt
2. heat oil in a pan and fry the coconut with dry redchillies, coriender, methi sedd and curry leaves and grind this coconut
3. take an earthenware and put the yam and coconut paste and it mix with some water and it allow for to boil also sprinkle some salt and tamarind essence
4. heat oil in a pan crackle the mustard and dry redchillies and it put to the yam curry and mix well then the yam theeyal is ready to serve
Recipe no 2
Pavakka theeyal
1. bitter melon- 250gm
2. oil- 2tbs
3. mustard- 1spn
4. cumin seed- 1/2spn
5. greenchillies- 4nos
6. coconut- 1/2portion
1. grind the coconut with mustard, greenchillies and cuminseed
2. heat oil in a pan and put bitter melon and saute well and fry the bitter melon and leave it
3. heat another pan and mix the bitter melon with coconut paste and saute for 5 minutes and also add some curd and mix well
4. heat the first pan and crackle the mustard and dry redchillies and mix it to the bitter melon curry. Then the pavakka theeyal is ready to serve
Recipe no 3
1. malgova mango- 2nos
2. sugar-250gm
3. lime juice- 1tbs
4. grind the mango
5. heat a pan and mix sugar and water and make sugar water and add the mango pulp and mix well
6. add some lime juice and mix well and then it may allow to cool then the mango jam is ready to serve



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