Thani Nadan – Ep 29 Part 1 – Mampazha Payasam & Aviyal recipe – Mazhavil Manorama

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Recipe 1 – Mampazhapayasam
tender coconut piece
coconut milk

1.Cook mango with water. Grind.
2.To boil jaggery with a little water until its melted.
3.Pour mango juice into it. Stir continuously at the same time add ghee.
4.Stir continuously until its thick.
5.Pour third coconut milk stir until its boil.
6.Turn off the stove and filter the payasam.
7.Transfer the payasam in the same pan. Turn on the stove.
8.Add coconut pieces and allow to cook.
9.Allow to boil until decrease the water level will be half.
10.Pour second coconut milk and stir well then, allow to boil. Boil until decrease the water level.
11.Mix cardamom powder in milk without any lumps.
12.Pour into the payasam and allow to boil until its thicken.
13.Add first coconut milk and roasted cashew nuts. Turn off the stove before it boils.
14.Pour some honey on the top of payasam.

Recipe 2 – Avial

snake guard
raw banana
coconut (shredded) –

1.Shredded coconut grind with cumin seeds.
2.Heat oil i a pan.
3.Cook whole vegetables with turmeric powder, chilly powder and salt. Cover with banana leaf.
4.Allow to boil and stir continuously until reduce the water content.
5.Add grinned coconut and curry leaves. Mix well.
6.Turn off the stove then, sprinkle some oil .



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