Thani Nadan – Muttamalayum pinjhanithappum Recipe – Mazhavil Manorama

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Muttamalayum pinjhanithappum
1. egg- 15nos
2. sugar- 250gm
3. oil- 150gm

1. boil water and sugar in a pan
2. break the eggs and seperate yolk
3. beat the yolks, this yolks can be seperated into two parts and there may applay the stroeberry colour for one .Use a plastic cup in which holes have been made, just large enough to pass the egg yolk through
4. Pour continuously until the egg yolk (1st part) in the shell has been used up. By this time the yolk will be coocked. Reduce the heat and remove it without breaking it. Repeat the same process for 2nd part yolk. Mutta mala is ready
Recipe no 2
1.white part of egg
2.milk powder
3.sugared water
1. grind the white part of egg, sugered water and milk powder
2. heat ghee in a pan and add this mixture to it and close the pan for 10 minutes.
3. pinjanithappum is ready



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