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AskMe presents Travel Tips for Women (Travel Safety Tips for Women) by Vir Sanghvi.

Today woman like to venture into the world alone. But as a woman, the issue of utmost importance is ‘safety’.

Travel expert Vir Sanghvi shares some essential safety tips for the sole woman traveller.

Every woman who travels alone should consider these tips and tricks for a happy and safe journey:

1. Make your stay safe: Stay at the hotel recommended by a friend. Otherwise, check out the reviews about other hotels and go with the best one.

2. Check the hygiene standards: In order to check the level of concern of the hotel staff towards their visitors, one must check the hygiene level in the hotel room. If you are not satisfied with the hygiene maintained in the hotel, check out from that hotel immediately.

Moreover, don’t forget to double lock your room. And open the door only when you are certain about the person on the other side.

3. Choose a cab carefully: In most of the incidents against women, taxi drivers are involved. So be careful while hiring a cab. Always use a cab of the company with a good reputation.

4. Take snaps: Use your camera for your safety. Take pictures of the hotel staff, taxi licence number plate and taxi driver. Share them with your friends and/or family.

5. Use safety apps: Have access to safety apps on your cell phone. If some unfavorable situation does occur, these may provide some help.

Follow these tips and you’d ‘Better Be Safe Than Sorry!’



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