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Watch Chef Sneha Nair make Kerala’s authentic main course recipe, Yam Curry only on Get Curried.

Onam is the time when the whole of Kerala lives its days (& nights!) through boat races, elaborate meals, endless happiness & endless celebrations. So, to mark the occasion, households in Kerala prepare their traditional banquet, also known as Sadya. Usually served for lunch, it is a vegetarian meal and Kootu curry or yam curry is an integral part of the spread. Although a festive dish, Kootu curry is so easy that you can rustle it up in your home kitchen anytime, occasion or no occasion! So, go ahead, learn, cook & enjoy!

– A piece of Yam
– Water
– Cup of freshly desiccated coconut
– 1 tbsp Cumin seeds
– 10-15 Pepper corn
– Pinch of Turmeric
– Mustard Seeds
– Curry Leaves
– Black Chickpeas
– Sugar / Jaggery

– In a pan, add small cubes of chopped yams (peel the skin), to which add water and turmeric and boil it.
– Grind desiccated coconut , cumin seeds and pepper.
– In a pan, roast freshly desiccated coconut.
– When the roasted coconut turns brown , add mustard seeds and curry leaves and cover the pan with a lid.
– Once the yam are cooked, drain the water from the Yams.
– In other pan, add yams, the masala mixture, black chickpeas, salt , sugars and the roasted coconut mixture.



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