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Crispy Prawn Balls


Crispy Prawn Balls is a popular and delicious recipe that is suitable for parties as finger food and is always a great add-on to your dinner spread. Serve it hot with sweet chili sauce

Prep time: 10 mins
Cook time: 20 mins
Number of Servings: 4-5 persons


Prawn – 500 Gms
Salt – 1/2 Tsp
Light Soy Sauce – 2 Tsp
Ginger, Garlic, Green Chili & Onion Paste – 1 Tbsp
Egg – 1 No. Whisked
Corn Flour – 2 Tbsp
Breadcrumbs – 1/4 Cup
Coated With Breadcrumbs
Refrigerate The Prawn Balls For 20 Mins
Oil For Deep Frying

To Make Spicy Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise – 3 Tsp
Chili Sauce – 3 Tsp

1. Chop prawns roughly and keep them in a bowl.
2. Grind ginger, garlic, onions and green chili together and make a smooth paste
3. Add the ground paste to the chopped prawns
4. Add all the ingredients to it except breadcrumbs
5. Mix everything together
6. Divide this prawn mixture into smaller portions and roll it into a ball
7. Put Panko breadcrumbs in a plate and coat each portion with breadcrumb, and make them into balls.
8. Refrigerate for about 10 minutes to hold the shape.
9. Put a kadai on medium flame and pour oil in it, once the oil is medium hot, deep fry these Shrimp balls until they are golden in color
10. Serve these hot Thai style Shrimp Balls with sweet chili sauce



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