Home Remedies for Carbuncles

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• Carbuncles are painful lumps in the skin with one or more
• It is a bacterial infection that arises from the hair follicles
• The infected area is filled with pus, fluid & other dead cells


• Unhygienic living conditions
• Being in contact with an infected person
• Weak immune system
• Conditions like diabetes
• Skin conditions like psoriasis


• A heavy yellow or white lump on the skin
• Itching & pain in the affected area
• Fatigue, fever & weakness

Natural remedy for carbuncles using onion:

Onions have antiseptic properties which help to fasten up the healing process. Onion draws out the heat from the carbuncle & soon it erupts, reducing the inflammation

1. Cut slices of onion
2. Place it over the boils or carbuncles
3. Wrap the area with the cloth
4. Change the onion slice with a fresh one & repeat the process
every 3-4 hours
5. Do these until the boils come to a head & the pus drains out

Natural remedy for carbuncles using cornflour:

The good absorptive properties present in cornmeal helps in the quick treatment of the infection

1. Bring half cup of water to a boil
2. Add 4-5 tbsp cornmeal to it
3. Combine well & make a thick paste out of it
4. Apply it on the affected area & cover it with a cloth
5. Repeat this every 2-3 hours until the pus drain out from the


• Never squeeze or break open the carbuncle with your nails
• Always wash any towels, compresses, or clothes that get in
touch with the boils to prevent it from spreading
• Keep your cuts, wounds & grazes covered with a sterile
• Eat healthy & exercise regularly




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