Lallummas Restaurant Breakfast Buffet Dubai

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Lallummas Restaurant Breakfast Buffet Dubai

To talk about Lallummas Restaurant we have to first talk about South Indian State of Kerala and its spicy food varieties. Kerala cuisine included a wide multitude of non-vegitatian and vegitarian delicacies with sea food, poultry, chicken, red meat, mutton along with parboiled rice called called as matta rice. Other spices used in the preparation of traditional Keral cousine are chillies, curry leaves, coconut, mustard seeds, turmeric, tamarind, asafoetida, coriander, fennel seads, cumin seeds etc. Unavoidable in typical Kerala food is coconut oil. its special aroma add taste, flavour and make the cousine outstanding.

Lallummas Restaurant Breakfast Buffet Dubai
Lallummas Restaurant Breakfast Buffet Dubai

Given below are 11 Traditional Dishes from Kerala, India

  1. Idiyappam and Egg Curry
  2. Appam
  3. Pathiri
  4. Malabar Chicken Biryani
  5. Avial
  6. Banana Chips
  7. Pazham Pori
  8. Unnakaya
  9. Parotta and Beef
  10. Kappa Biriyani (Tapioca mixed with beef)
  11. Karemeen pollichathu

Lallummas Restaurant Breakfast Buffet is famous for typical homemade Kerala food.

Locatopn of Lallummas Restaurant Breakfast Buffet Dubai –  Baghdad Street – Al Qusais – Al Qusais 1 – Dubai

Contact Number: +971-4-2621885

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