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AskMe Guru, Chef Vicky Ratnani gives out a recipe for a Lobster with tomato and basil (Healthy Recipe)

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Lobster is the most exquisite among seafood. It is used as in an ingredient in many recipes like soups, rolls and bisque. It can be cooked or steamed.

Whipping up deliciously healthy recipes is second nature to celebrated Mumbai-based Chef Vicky Ratnani. The most recent feather on Vicky’s hat is winning The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards (think Oscars of the cookbook world) for his book, Vicky Goes Veg by Vicky Ratnani.

Chef Vicky Ratnani shares a recipe of “Lobster with Tomato & Basil.”
Ingredients are:

Red chilly flakes
Lemon juice
Olive oil
Basil leave


1. Take a container and put two sliced lobsters into it.
2. Now, add salt, pepper, parsley, sliced ginger, red chilly flakes,
lemon juice
and two tablespoon olive oil.
3. Mix the ingredients well and put them in a pan to cook.
4. Now, add tomato and basil leaves and mix them.
5. Cover the pan to let the lobsters cook.
6. Turn the lobsters to the other side to cook well and remember not
to over-cook them.
7. When they are cooked well, garnish with basil leaves.
8. The dish is ready to serve hot.

COOKING TIME: 15-20 Minutes



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