Best Places To Visit in India 2016 – January Travel Tips – Vir Sanghvi

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New Year is around the corner and everyone is getting into party mode. Where are you planning to head? Out of town or stay in your city? Askme travel expert Vir Sanghvi has some suggestions for where you could head to celebrate New Year 2016. So take a look at the new year party tips, book your tickets to one of these destinations and have a fantastic New Year!

1. Goa: Goa is an ideal place to visit when the New Year is round
the corner. One can enjoy Trance Parties, The Sunburn Afterparty,
theme parties and beach parties which are very popular in Goa.
Otherwise, one can peacefully sit by the sea and contemplate life
as the New Year begins.

2. Jaisalmer: Jaisalmer, also known as ‘Golden City’, is famous for
its architecture and dessert. An event of Trance Music for three
days is organized here. One can have a good time under the
starry night.

3. Kerala: Kerala is a magical land with enchanting backwaters.
One can spend New Year’s Eve in a houseboat enjoying the view.

4. Diu: With many tourist attractions and sightseeing, Diu is a
popular tourist attraction. For party lovers, Diu has a three month
long festival, Festa De Diu which is Asia’s longest beach festival.

5. Metro Cities: It is fun to celebrate New Year in Metro Cities-
Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata. Delhi is a best place for
shopping, food, tourism and parties. Mumbai is famous for its
spell bounding nightlife. Kolkata and Bangalore are the best
destinations for eclectic celebrations.



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