Chicken Sandwich – Superquick Subway Sandwich – My Recipe Book By Tarika Singh

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Learn how to make Chicken Sub Sandwich at home and say goodbye to the store-made sandwich.

If you’ve ever craved a Subway Style Chicken Sandwich but do not wish to spend the time or money by going to the actual store, here’s food blogger Tarika Singh who brings you the easy recipe of Chicken Sub Sandwich. This sandwich not only satisfies your craving but is also delectable and filling. Check out Tarika’s take on this recipe.


1 whole wheat baguette style bread
pesto sauce (Click here for recipe: )
poached chicken
cheese slices
tomatoes – sliced & deseeded
cucumbers – sliced & deseeded
onions – soaked in regular white vinegar (optional)


– Take a whole wheat baguette style bread and slice it into half.
– Spread a generous quantity of homemade pesto sauce on both the bread slices.
– Add the poached chicken to it. Then layer it with cheese slices, lettuce, freshly sliced and deseeded tomatoes, deseeded cucumber, onions (soaked in regular white vinegar), jalapeno and olives. Then add some mayonnaise and regular mustard.
– Add salt and pepper to taste.
– Our delicious Chicken Sub Sandwich is ready to be served.


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