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In India, several cultures and traditions co-exist together. Each year India witnesses a spectacle of different cultural festivals, filled with colors and rituals, combined with art and resonance. States from across India organize cultural festivals to showcase their traditions and rejoice with people. AskMe travel expert, Vir Sanghvi tells us the most famous cultural festivals celebrated in India.

Pushkar Fair: The Pushkar Fair is held annually in Pushkar, Rajasthan. The fair exhibits lots of vibrancy and Rajasthani culture and tradition. Camel competition is another striking feature of this fair.

Hornbill Festival: The festival is lively celebrated in Nagaland, the land of rich heritage and tribal culture, annually. In this festival various tribal communities participate and display their art and celebrate with folk songs and dance.

Kala Ghoda Festival: This art festival is celebrated in Mumbai. The attractions of this festival are various programs held like theatre, dance, music and literature. Spectacular art is presented by renowned artists.

Losar: Losar Festival is celebrated by Tibetans in Leh. This socio-religious event represents a struggle between good and evil. The festival is characterized by dance, music and merrymaking.

Goa Carnival: The carnival is popular in the state. Goa comes alive when its culture is celebrated. Jovial dance, songs and street plays are performed.

To explore Indian culture full of art and spirituality, one must indulge into these cultural festival for an exuberant experience./



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