Malabari Kofta Curry Recipe

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Malabari kofta curry Recipe

Recipe Ingredients
Minced beef
Cashew nut
Ginger paste
Green chilly
Chilly-turmeric-coriander powders
Garam masala
Chopped onion
Cashew nut
Coriander leaves
Mint paste
Chopped tomato
Coconut milk
Coriander leaves.

1. Grind the cashew nut-coriander-Mint leaves as fine paste.

1.Beat the egg and mix in the Minced meat, coriander leaves green chilly,salt, egg. And make balls from the meat mix.
2. Heat the pan in oil and fry the balls.
3. Heat another pan in oil and ghee. Fry the cashew nut and set aside. Saute the cloves-cinnamon-cardamom. Add the onion
and ginger-garlic paste. Put chilly-turmeric-coriander powders and garam masala
4. Add tomato into it and mix well.
5. Add the cashew paste
6. Add 2nd milk of coconut
7. Put the koftha balls and cook for some time.
8. When it becomes thicker add coconut milk and sprinkle coriander leaves.



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