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AskMe presents review of Polakkandam Market in Kerala by Chef Vicky Ratnani. He gears up to explore Indian marketplaces and re-creates some of the best known Indian dishes.

The chef starts with God’s own Country, Kerala, during the Onam season. He ventures on to the streets of Polakkandam Market, Kerala to discover and cook the best dishes ever!

Located in the city of Kochi, Polakkandam is one market where you can find wide varieties of fishes. Here, fishes are available at very economical rates. The marketplace is much better than any retail store or mall in Kerala in terms of prices, quality and availability of raw food.

In this video, he cooks delicious Karimeen Pollichathu. Its recipe included: Pearl Spot Fish, Banana Leaves, Curry Leaves, Coconut Milk, Coriander leaves along with excellent spices. He also rustles up a Prawn Dip with Tapioca Chips and Vegetable Crudites.

Sadya, offered during Onam, includes some incredible dishes like Payasam, Buttermilk, Cherupayaru Mezhkupuratti, Rasam, Kurukku Kaalan, Olan and Chena varuthathu.

Kochi, also known as Cochin, is a major port city on the south-west coast of India by the Laccadive Sea. It is part of the district of Ernakulam in the state of Kerala. Popularly known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi has been an important spice trading centre on the west coast of India since the 14th century.

Both international and domestic tourists arrive in Kerala. Kochi connects well with all the cities via air, railways, roadways and water bodies.

Nearby Cities: Aroor, Varapuzha (Paravur), Poochackal




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