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Skin pigmentation is a condition wherein dark patches appear on the skin. Watch how you can get rid of skin pigmentation naturally using natural ingredients available in your kitchen!

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Skin Pigmentation:

• Skin pigmentation is a condition wherein dark patches appear on the skin
• Although not life threatening, it can be a detriment to self-esteem

Symptoms to look for:

• Discoloration of the skin
• Presence of patches


• Melanin provides colour to skin
• Excessive production of melanin causes dark patches

Natural home remedy using tomato, oatmeal and yogurt:

1. Crush 1 tomato
2. Press on a sieve and extract its juice
3. Add 2 tsp oatmeal to it
4. Add ½ tsp yogurt
5. Apply on the patches
6. Allow it to dry naturally
7. Leave it for 15-20 min
8. Wash off with lukewarm water
9. Do this every day

Natural home remedy using turmeric powder and lemon juice:

1. Take 1 tsp turmeric powder
2. Add 1 tsp lemon juice
3. Mix well
4. Apply on the affected area
5. Leave it for 15 min to dry
6. Wash off with cold water
7. Do not expose skin to the sun immediately after this
8. Application at bedtime is advisable



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