Sooji halwa recipe – How to make sooji halwa recipe – Rava sheera recipe

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Sooji halwa recipe with step by step pics here –

sooji halwa is a classic indian dessert that is made on religious occasions and festivals. sooji is also called rava in hindi/marathi and cream of wheat in english. the recipe shared here is a family recipe and one that we make during ashtami and navami or a religious occasion.

there are many variations of preparing sooji halwa. instead of water, milk or half-half of milk and water can also be added. dry fruits or fresh fruits like banana, mangoes, apples can also be added.

sooji halwa also known as sheera in marathi is one of the most easiest sweets that can be prepared. you can easily halve or double the proportion of this recipe. usually the sooji to water ratio is 1:2. for a more smoother texture in the halwa, you can increase the ratio of water from 2.25 upto 3.

to get the right texture in sooji halwa and from avoiding it to become lumpy, do roast the sooji very well in ghee. the color should change slightly and the sooji should become aromatic and the ghee should separate. you can brown the sooji more if you want.

the addition of ghee and sugar can always be adjusted as per one’s requirements.

do try this sooji halwa recipe. its one of the best sooji halwa recipe and gives a temple style taste and texture.



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